A Brief History of ENIAC

Over 25 years ENIAC was considered as the first digital electronic computer in the world. First by the renowned demo Sperry Rand Company vs. CDC and Honeywell, which started in 1971, and after by the info, which began to emerge about the Colossus computer. At present, it is obvious, that first was (model constructed in 1939) the ABC computer of Atanasoff and Berry and the 2nd was the Colossus Mark I pc (build in 1943) of Newmann and Blossoms. Somewhat facile was the obtaining of the judge of the abovementioned extended courtroom trial (it lasted 135 trading days, filled more than 20000 pages of transcript with the account of 77 witnesses), the Judge in the U.S. District Court in Minnesota Earl R. Larson, distributed on 19 Oct 1973 —Mauchly’s fundamental ENIAC thoughts were extracted from Atanasoff, as well as the invention claimed in ENIAC was derived from Atanasoff. In extensive findings, Judge Larson stated: Eckert and Mauchly didn’t themselves first invent the automatic electronic digital pc, but rather derived that subject matter from one Dr. John Vincent Atanasoff. Moreover, Judge Larson had ruled that the thoughts of Atanasoff had been pirated by Mauchly, and for greater than thirty years had palmed off these notions on the world as the goods of his genius.